Project Africa - Burundi

Welcome to Project Africa - Burundi

Welcome to Project Africa – Burundi.

Our mission is to end the poverty in Africa and make all African countries independent. Project Africa is for Africa, not for China, USA, Russia or any other country. All 54 African countries is independent but many depend on financial aid from other countries outside Africa. Some African countries gave over the power to other non African country. We are a political and religious independent organization. We are not part of any United Nation organization. We believe that as an independent organization we have more possibilities in talks and negotiations when all understand that we are not in his country to change the way of believe, think and do things.

Project Africa believe that there is a simple technological solution for the problems in Africa. Problems is how to handle money. Project Africa want to integrate Swedish model of transparent cashless economy in Africa. This Will help people and the government power over the money. Because of a transparent economy people of Africa Will see who is corrupt and using money that do not belong to the person. The government Will be able to cash in taxes from businesses before the money get into the businesses accounts. Today up to 90% of the businesses do not pay any taxes at all. This way government get up to 90% boost in the economy and do not need to tax individual people and wealth. We recommend introducing a VAT system of 10%. This Will bring in individual wealthy people to the country when no tax on wealth. These people consume much, so we get the 10% VAT from consuming and purchases.With a secure economy Will attract businesses to the country and increase manufacturing and industrial production Will increase the economy. The increase of tax revenue we recommend first of all to put into the people in the country. Most people live under 100 USD a month, the poor ones with under 20 USD a month. By using the boost in tax revenue to pay out a national salary of 50-100 USD / Month to each adult citizen Will end the poverty in the country.People can now concentrate on educate them self, learn the basic: write, read, math. In Project Africas housing program is included distance education. By increasing the internet network with Wireless solutions we can cover large part of the countries main city areas.

3D printing pre-constructed houses Will be made with recycled cleaned rest from mining activity. Energy Will be taken from our build solar farm technology. Old mines Will be converted into power plants that also produce millions of liters waters each 24 hours.More info about the Project at Project Africa main page. Also video presentations of the ideas we Will be using to build up Africa.

What can you do? You can spread our idea to other people by share this page with others and also share, comment our Facebook page with others. If you have the possibility to join as a support member or donate you are more tan welcome. You can also join inside this page by register your self on the page and get inside Project Africa.

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